This is a perfect cable for you, WHY ? you say…. well this cable is for all android enthusiast who wants a little bit more in life than just use your android as normal people do. Well to tell you the truth I personally love android. I own a HTC Desire 816 i love it so much that I would like to be more productive on it. I am writing this blog post from a wireless Rapoo Keyboard with Mouse on my HTC Desire 816. All I need to have is the wireless keyboard mini dongle and plug it to a USB host OTG cable and have that cable connected to my phone via micro usb charging port. You will be able to control your phone using the mouse and type on your phone using a full wireless keyboard. Some of you will say “ohhh, I can do that with a bluetooth keyboard” and yes you can do that with a bluetooth keyboard but our Rapoo wireless keyboard uses only one dongle to transmit mouse and keyboard at the same time. Take a look at the video below to see how this USB host OTG cable can help you. Oh yeah .. OTG means ON-THE-GO

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Image 004

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