Over the last few years the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has been growing at an astounding rate. With more and more people preferring to browse the internet on these devices rather than on a desktop or laptop computer. It is estimated that the mobile browsing will in fact take over desktop usage sometime in the near future. Nowadays, mobile devices comes in all shapes and sizes and it is almost impossible to keep up with the ever changing market. This is where responsive web design comes in.

So how does a responsive website work? Let’s look at the ZeroMojo.com website where as the screen size decreases the images and text are scaled to fit the browser windows size and always displaying our content at it’s best form.

By implementing the responsive site design our site is now

  1. A Future friendly way to ensure device compatibility
  2. One code base, no need for separate website
  3. No need to maintain separate content
  4. Adapt the user interfaces to different devices
  5. Distinct SEO advantages in the eyes of Google.