You got to hand it to Samsung to be very diversified and innovative. Samsung have just release the new Samsung Z which is running on TIZEN. What in the world is Tizen ? Well Tizen is an open source operating system much like Android is. It seems that Samsung is trying to move away from Android with this new OS. The Samsung Z will be on show at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco. More about Tizen at

The Samsung Z will be available in black and gold and features a slim, angular design that sets the device apart from Samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones. Samsung goes on to say that the smartphone will offer a faster startup time and will be able to function even at a low battery levels.

 Quick and Efficient

The Tizen platform delivers a fast, optimal performance with improved memory management. The Tizen-based Samsung Z offers a faster startup time and immediate multi-tasking capabilities, The Samsung Z fully supports superb 2D and 3D graphic qualities, smoother scrolling and an improved rendering performance for web browsing. Users will also be able to enjoy safe and secure privacy protection using the built-in fingerprint sensor.

An Ultra Power Saving Mode lets the phone stay operational even at minimal battery levels in emergencies.