No they are not going dutch as in “going dutch”. Google is now trying to build a new datacenter in the Netherlands. It is said to be “hyper-efficient”. With a total investment of EUR 600 Million (about BND$ 960 Million close to a Billion) over the next 4 years to build this data center in Eemshaven, the Netherlands. This will be Google’s 4th hyper-efficient facility in Europe.

Groundbreaking at our new data centre site in the Eemshaven with, on the right, Dutch Economics Minister Henk Kamp

The new Dutch data centre will benefit from the latest designs in cooling and electrical technology. It will be free-cooled – taking advantage of natural assets like cool air and grey water to keep our servers cool. Our data centers use 50% less energy than a typical datacenter – and our intention is to run this new facility on renewable energy.

Taking the naturally cold air from outside to cool the datacenter is a brilliant idea, datacenters can become very hot with all those servers running. Taking it a step further by using “GREY WATER” as a means to cool the datacenter is just awesome. Grey water are waste water from bath, sinks, showers, washing machine water, toilet flushing etc. you get the idea.

Google said that this new datacenter will create employment opportunities to more than 150 people. C’mon google for a datacenter that cost about a Billion BND it should have created more employment than that.