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ZeroMojo : Now with Responsive Site Design

Over the last few years the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has been growing at an astounding rate. With more and more people preferring to browse the internet on these devices rather than on a desktop or laptop computer. It is estimated that the mobile browsing will [...]

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ZM Products : Rapoo Blade E9060 Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The best keyboard that I have every used, I have used it for quite some time now and I didn't have to replace the battery since. Loving the design of this keyboard, it's ultra slim design and portability. Removes wires from your already cluttered workspace, wirelessly using 2.4 Ghz to [...]

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ZM Products : USB Host OTG Cable

This is a perfect cable for you, WHY ? you say.... well this cable is for all android enthusiast who wants a little bit more in life than just use your android as normal people do. Well to tell you the truth I personally love android. I own a HTC [...]

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ZM Products : Bag-in-Bag, Handbag Inserts

Here is a product that may appeal to the women out there, since this product will organize your the contents of your handbags and hence will organize your life as well. For those of you who changes their bags on a daily basis (you know who you are) then this [...]

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ZM Products : Nerd Rage T-Shirt

All of you need to give some space to a nerd in rage mode. Nerd Rage will come to those nerds who have been wronged and bullied. Click the above picture to go to the SHOP  

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ZeroMojo : We are Now OPEN

Dear all, we would like to announce that we have officially open our shop for business at Please take some time to take a look around and if you are interested in anything or have any questions please feel free to either email us at or SMS/Whatsapp at [...]

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ZeroMojo : Re-Opening Soon in 51 Days

  We officially opened in February 10th, 2010 a while back and had a wonderful and productive 2 years when we closed down due to some technical problem with life. Now we are re-opening our site for all of you again to re-live the good ol' days. We have put [...]

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