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Tech : JIBO the Humanization of Technology Robot

The future of robotics and companionship is here. Meet Jibo, Jibo is an interactive robot which really focuses on humanizing the technology of interaction between humans and technology. Personally it is a very cool robot that you can speak to and play with and a whole new level of creepiness. [...]

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Tech : Google New DataCenter GOING DUTCH

No they are not going dutch as in “going dutch”. Google is now trying to build a new datacenter in the Netherlands. It is said to be “hyper-efficient”. With a total investment of EUR 600 Million (about BND$ 960 Million close to a Billion) over the next 4 years to [...]

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Tech : Pixar RenderMan Software will be Free for Non-Commercial Use

RenderMan has been used for most of Pixar's own movies such as the Toy Story, Ratatouille and The Incredibles will be releasing it's new version with big price restructuring. It will still be a licensed software with $495 per license (once off) and $200 subscription for a year, but will [...]

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Tech : Samsung Release of the Zombie Apocalypse – Samsung Z

You got to hand it to Samsung to be very diversified and innovative. Samsung have just release the new Samsung Z which is running on TIZEN. What in the world is Tizen ? Well Tizen is an open source operating system much like Android is. It seems that Samsung is [...]

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