This is quite an old advertising video from some employment agency, most probably from Singapore. I think most of you have seen the first video that shows that this uncle is complaining about his really “HORRIBLE” job, that might be just from his perspective but not to others. Actually there are 3 parts to this video but was produced by another different employment agency and a lot of people don’t know about the third video.  Take a look at the first video below.

That first video is just not right, right ? this uncle is just not satisfied by massaging those girls in bikini tops. I guess it is really his own perspective. So let’s see if he can find his perfect job on this second video where he got an office job.

Not satisfied either, the masseur job was still in his shadow so girls keep coming to him to get FREE massages, even offering money if he refuses. Let’s see if 3rd time is a charm.

This 3rd video is the one that many of you missed. Anyway, no job is perfect, you either accept it as it is or just do your own gig.