Super Mario Bros, one of the most popular games in the world or perhaps of all times. Blubber was able to finish the game in under 5 mins. There were several moments where he literally went through the piranha plants, something that is impossibly without the star power up and would instantly kill the mini Mario. It is official check out the Super Mario Bros (SMB) Leaderboards Wiki.

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Check out the full video below, but get ready to have your childhood flashed in under 5 mins

The record-breaking run was made possible by an exploit, where a well-timed jump off a Bullet Bill allowed Blubbler to save precious seconds. After bouncing off the enemy near the end of the level, Mario hit the flagpole at its base, which cased a minor glitch that canceled Mario’s animation. Where normally he would saunter into the castle, the animation was skipped and the next level started.