Many moons ago, in Seria, the guys and I were debating on who would win in a battle with Goku Vs Superman. Don’t get me wrong I am a really big fan of Goku from the Dragon Ball series but I really think that even Goku won’t survive a fight with Superman. For those of you who do not know what the heck I am talking about please read up on Goku on Wikipedia.

I was totally out numbered, more than 4 to 5 of my friends were arguing against my judgement. Well you can find out  yourselves on how Superman can kick Goku’s Ass in a ONE episode fight scene (usually it takes Goku about 5 to 6 episodes to just finish one fight scene in his DragonBall Series). There are many renditions of this epic fight on YouTube but so far this is the most logical and the most awesome version. Enjoy!